Adding PrismJS Syntax Highlighter

December 30, 2016

So, I've been learning lots of new things and I'm ready to write a couple posts about my adventures with Angular 2. Before I do that, I wanted a syntax highlighter so I can use prettified code snippets. There was a pretty short list of requirements - theming options, line numbers, a copy button would be nice to have and simple installation. I installed GeSHi on a Drupal site a while back and while it will do just about everything, I didn't want to spend days reading the docs. I looked at several options and settled on Prism. It's not ideal, by the time I had it all looking close to how I wanted it, there were a lot of divs which I find hard to keep track of. Using <pre> tags also means you can't indent the code to match the rest of the page. But as Billy Crystal said "It's more important to look good than to feel good."

What this site is about

December 7, 2016

This site is about ME, of course! I have not had an active web site of my own for some time. This one is partly intended to show programming skills and develop new ones, partly intended as a hobby site to discuss the many interests I have. Since I'm currently looking for a new gig, initially I'll be working up some programming demos. For most of my career, I've been primarily a back-end LAMP developer applying business rules to various kinds of data and serving it up as web pages. I've written a whole lot of PERL and a fair amount of PHP. I delved into Drupal a bit which seems a bit top heavy to me but has a a solid open source community behind it and allows rapid development of managed content web sites. On my last job, I got to learn about XSLT which I like for the ease of transforming data into styled HTML pages.